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Originally Posted by MistaWrista View Post
Glad to hear that you're healing. It sounded like a very textbook partial tear. Let's say you were a bit lucky. I partially tore a tricep and it took 2-3 months to heal. Work on stretching and gradually doing more reps of low weight items.
Will do ... I've been pretty busy lately honestly and have not been strecthing and working it like I should be.

It is hard when you get busy to do this stuff. I even have to keep after myself to remember to give my cat two insulin injections a day as she is a diabetic.

I'll work on it.

I assume you're applying heat to the area and stretching it a couple times a day. You going to physical therapy or anything like that? 7 weeks seems like a long time to recover from a partial tear.

You're following up with a doctor right?
I am doing the heat thing when I think of doing it but at this point it doesn't seem beneficial as it seems more healed than there being any tightness .... I do this stuff when life isn't being too busy.

I am not going to any physical therapy but I am stretching it and working out a bit with light weights (2 to 3 pounds with a lot of reps since they are so light, weightlifting would be dumb) as well as the elastic band type stretchy thing I have .... when I have the time for it for cripes sakes lately.

I should add that I feel really good and am not feeling any pain, even when I shot a wristshot from the blueline and felt that twinge I described it did not feel like pain. It is difficult to describe ... I am always cautious and decided to give me 3 weeks of not playing hard on my team.

I'll know when I am ready.

I blew out a hammy 15 years ago and missed 6 months of hockey. That was a bad one.

MistaWrista above had a tricep tear and took him 2-3 months to heal.

I think I am about where I should be. I am just about (not quite) done healing and need to strengthen and condition it now with stretching and rep work with light weights and elastic band thingies.

Don't worry I won't be doing anything stupid or ill advised with it to injure it again badly. If I can take a pregame skate and it felt pretty good and still disciplined myself NOT to play in the game itself and have committed to three more weeks with playing just light pickup hockey I would say I am doing the right things.

I really feel like I could play NOW but I know better. I've seen too many people push it and do worse damage than they had originally.

I'll be okay, thanks for the cool words about it.

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