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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I'm a 1st gen Canadian (parents immigrated here) so I had to discover the game on my own. After years of playing street hockey and slowly but surely learning to skate, I finally got my chance to play ice hockey. I wanted to be a goalie but my parents couldn't afford equipment, so I got stuck playing as a forward. I was a decent skater with good size and vision though, and after about three years I was a pretty good and found myself trying out for single A hockey... but competition really took the fun out of the game, so I went back down to house league.

Two autoimmune diseases and the early stages of leukemia put a damper on my hockey though... I knew after coughing up blood after a few games and a scary post-game experience that my folks would pull me out of hockey. I was crushed.

I put on a ton of weight, as lack of exercise + a highschool nerd's diet helped me balloon up. By the time I was all healthy again I was ~230lb, and quite frankly I sucked. I still had my vision, but my skating, passing, shooting, strength, and speed had all diminished.

So in my first year of university I found myself with a lot of free time and decided to start losing weight. I corrected my diet to a degree, started working out a lot more, and went to all of the open ice sessions that I could afford. It was only last year that I really started to get my game back and became a threat offensively (see my old thread complaining about guys gooning me lol). As it stands right now I'm at about 6'2 190 and playing the best hockey of my life, as I can hang with a lot of my old hockey friends who were former AA players... I don't mean to brag but I'm dominating D level summer hockey I'd love to be a competitive player at C or B before I get old... playing for my university team would be a dream come true but I'm just not good enough yet.

I'm still not in tremendous shape (16.4% body fat... down from 33) but I'm still working on it!

Long story short: I played house league, made it as far as A level hockey, got sick, stopped playing, got fat, started playing, got in shape, started playing better.
great story, very inspring too about loosing weight and everything. playing hky at any level is better than not playing.

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