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10-20-2004, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by cyclops
Danny Gallivan easily without even having to think one second about it.No one called a better hockey game then him,he could make a nothing game between the california golden seals and kansas city scouts sound like it was the Canadians and Soviets playing in the summit series,he was that good.Classic "hockey voice" with that perfect blend of high drama at just the right times while never overdoing "beat him like a rented mule' football style announcing crap where everyone is amazing and so and so is "such a great man" b.s. He was the best,hockey has'nt been the same since he's been gone.Dan Kelly was also great,second to Gallivan.Foster Hewwitt i never grew up with but i have heard games he's called and he was outstanding also.The best always have that hockey calling voice that mixes seriousness with drama.They build up like a well constructed opera.Cole is now over the hill and makes lots of mistakes,the only thing that saves him is that he also has the "hockey voice"He was also very good in his prime.
Yup, grew up listening to Danny Gallivan on Saturday nights on HNiC. There's something about the old-time announcers from Canada...they don't feel they have to hype things so much. They let the GAME be the important thing, not THEM, and that's cool!

I liked Dan Kelly, too, for many of the same reasons.

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