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07-03-2009, 04:07 AM
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Wow, this is pretty sick. I havent read too many posts, only the first page and a half. Can you hook up some info? I don't suppose its gotten to the point of having HFB teams playing against eachother considering its a public place but this still sounds mad sick.

I live in the west too, anybody doing carpool runs? If so let me know, even if there's no room. I could probably find some people who'd be down and might be able to get them to drive sometimes if not.

I have ice hockey goalie pads that I use for street hockey (Got em' at a garage sale about 6 years ago for 50 bucks or something, they were 300$ pads when they came out in the late 90's but I got a mad discount because each pad is a different model (Both VIC) so ones white and blue, the other is yours truly, bleu blanc et rouge) I have a street hockey blocker + glove, I have a goalie mask, nothing special but it does the trick. Oh, and I've got a VIC ice hockey goalie stick I use for streethockey, also from garage sale but its a good stick and its a senior model and I know it'll fit people up to 6'4 (Tallest person I've seen use it)
Now, I probably wouldn't be playing in nets, I'm rehabbing a back injury and I've had 2 torn knees, tons of injuries, anyways I'd be able to bring them if needed, long as I get em' back. If there's dudes who go that would do it, let me know, not a problem for me at all I just won't bring em'.

ANYWAYS, sorry for the novel dudes.

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