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07-03-2009, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by tarver View Post
Some quotes from Red Wing fans:

Doesn't get me too excited but hopefully he fits in.

Pfft, don't put too much stock into the gloating "HAHA!" post of farewell. Look at the Canucks board, whenever we trade someone they suddenly become the world's worst player. A perfect example would be Bernier.

He isn't the greatest player. But he throws a lot of hits, he works hard, and he stands up for his teamates. Yes, he misses easy scoring chances, but he has potential to develop.

Were he to be traded, you would see a lot of Canuck fans going off on him saying "he's terrible! He has no hands! What a bust! Isbister v 2.0! Enjoy wasting your time on him!" etc etc.

I'm not saying Sameulsson will be amazing, but I would wait before getting down and out over some random Wings fans parting comments.

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