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10-20-2004, 10:35 PM
Peter James Bond
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur
and i'm sayign that his shot and hands are not even NHL quality. sure he can hit those sweet spots every once in a while, but so do so many others. brown has a helluva shot and so do most, if not almost all of the other prospects. u prob won't belive me when i say it, but even marty mcsorley had a helluva set of hands. he didn't show it in the games, but man, he was pretty good with the puck.

anyways, the poitn is, i dont see wats so special about lehoux and u gusy are making such a big deal about his "offensive potentail". he has never done anything to get me to notice him anymore then any other prospect. remember when kuznetzov did that one between the legs move during the game? does that mean he has superior offensive potential or somethign?

Again, I never said anything about anything but his hands, shot and that he can bury breakaways...and that IMO they're second best to Palffy's in the org. Now first, since Plaffy is seemingly gone. I didn't say theres ANYTHING else special about him.

I concur that Dustin Brown's shot is very impressive. So is Tambellini's.

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