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10-20-2004, 10:57 PM
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NEW STUFF: Since the past several rounds have not produced clearcut winners, rather than waiting for a long time each round for a winner to emerge or having a runoff every round, I'm altering the poll method slightly to try and break the deadlocks, since I don't like calling a winner until at least a 2-vote margin of victory opens up.

I'll call the poll at or after 30 votes have been cast regardless of whether there is a winner. In addition to the poll votes, bonus votes will be assigned as follows:

+5 votes: Poll winner or tied for lead in poll.
+5 votes: Each vote that poll winner is ahead of runner-up.
+* votes: The cumulative vote total that as prospect has received in all previous rounds.

Currently, cumulative vote totals are as follows:

Byers: 13
Callahan: 2
Crabb: 0
Foote: 4
Hollweg: 21
Holt 1
Kozak: 0
Petruzalek: 19
Psurny: 6
Walsh: 15

ALSO: The poll will still add in new prospects, but ONLY if they receive 3 or more votes. Otherwise, no new prospects will be added in that round.

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