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07-03-2009, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by LostMyGlasses View Post
No the facts do not support your position because you are relying on one hell of an assumption, that the Canucks are worth 20% less than the Habs in a down market.
Forbes had Canucks worth $98M less than the Habs (I believe their valuation excludes real estate)at the time, that would put the Canucks worth $527M if the real estate is worth the same. Sure Vancouver real estate is in the dumps but I doubt its worth less than Montreal.

If you value the building and land at $200M and you take it out of the Montreal transaction, it means the Molson's bought the team for $427M. If Canucks are worth 70% of that (based on Forbes %), that means Canucks would be worth $300M. + the real estate = $500M. If you put the real estate at $150M, Habs are worth $477M and Canucks are worth $334M + $150M for land and building = $484M.

Did I miss something?

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