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07-04-2009, 03:15 AM
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Originally Posted by worstfaceoffmanever View Post
That is a beautiful game... I think I may just buy it. I'm not really much of a fighting game guy, although fighting games aren't really an exact science. I can mash a bunch of buttons and be just as good as someone that plays nonstop for days on end perfecting his combos.
Lol you aren't going to just button mash to victory against a GOOD Soul Calibur, Tekken, SF, Blazblue, Guilty gear player. When playing fighting games against people who are actually really good eg not just friend who is the best in your circle, then fighting games are very much an exact science. Go take a look at some professional SF clips and then come back and tell me that you think you could button mash your way to victory against them lol. Sorry but you are way off the mark. If you can just go mash buttons and be just as good as someone who plays nonstop for days then why aren't you there making money off it.

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