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07-04-2009, 04:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Outside99 View Post
Forbes had Canucks worth $98M less than the Habs (I believe their valuation excludes real estate)at the time, that would put the Canucks worth $527M if the real estate is worth the same. Sure Vancouver real estate is in the dumps but I doubt its worth less than Montreal.

If you value the building and land at $200M and you take it out of the Montreal transaction, it means the Molson's bought the team for $427M. If Canucks are worth 70% of that (based on Forbes %), that means Canucks would be worth $300M. + the real estate = $500M. If you put the real estate at $150M, Habs are worth $477M and Canucks are worth $334M + $150M for land and building = $484M.

Did I miss something?
yes but I don't want to explain how they get their numbers, which numbers they are and how the values reported are different from the expected and actual values. Suffice to say, Vancouver Canucks value (and owner value) took a significantly greater dip in value compared to the MC.

ie: asset =/= equity, you are confusing the two.

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