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Originally Posted by Backstrom #19 View Post
I was born and lived in Washington D.C. till I was 7 years old. I got my love for hockey from my parents who both followed the Washington Capitals. I would play hockey in the street all the time. My parents then decided to move to Georgia. As most of you know, there isn't much hockey in south Georgia. I learned how to roller blade and I'd play street hockey with the neighborhood kids. I taught most of them how to play. I kept playing street hockey in that neighborhood until we moved again. This time we moved to the middle of the woods and out closest neighbor was a couple miles away.

I'd play hockey with my Dad and 2 little brothers(the youngest is a goalie) in our drive-way. Our drive-way is only 16 feet by 16 feet so it was small. I made friends at school got them interested in hockey. They'd come over to my house and we'd have 3-on-3 inline hockey on a small drive-way. I think that's where I developed my good stick-handling and checking ability, you had so many people in a small area. You had to stick-handle around them or go through them. I'd play in my drive-way all day and night. I kept doing this until I was about 15.

My Dad ended up getting a raise and my parents had concrete poured in out back-yard. It was only 60 feet by 60 feet and didn't have boards, but it was much more spacious then the drive-way. Me, my Dad, brothers and friends would play on our small rink all the time. Even though we were playing in-line we played like it was ice. We'd hit, fight, block-shots and all that good stuff. There was an in-line hockey league in Savannah that I knew about but it was 1 hour and 30 minutes away and expensive. My parents couldn't pay for me and my 3 brothers to all play. Well my dad got another raise and we were able to play in the league.

I had never played against other kids before or played in a real league before so there was an adjustment period for me. I wasn't used to the rink size or boards. I ended up having a great year scoring 33 goals in 18 games. My highlight of the year came in the playoffs when I scored 10 goals in 2 games. My team got eliminated but I was named league MVP.

And that's were I'm at now. I'm playing in a high school in-line hockey league. I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to play as good as I do after never playing organized hockey. I sometimes wonder if I could have had a career in hockey if I had stayed in D.C...I doubt it but you never know.

Thats almost exactly like my story. My parents cant afford ice hockey right now, so I play inline hockey, I dont have all that much of a story really,

I basically got left out all the time becuase all ym friends had hockey games & tournaments, and i didnt, and when they were free i had soccer. So I was at my friends house once, and he plays AAA hockey, his dad was in the AHL breifley when he was younger, and they both introduced me to In - Line hockey, and we used to go to the rinks in the summer and play in there, they taught me so many things because both my friend and his dad had been playing for a while already.

Again, not a very good story but hey, in the end, its just the love of the game that matters right?

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