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10-21-2004, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Chief
Getting an extra $20 million on top of a payroll that could be anywhere from $20 mill to even $40 mill doesn't really address the situation.

And one other thing. Just because teams have the same payroll does not mean they should necessarily have the same ticket prices. There are other costs which are higher in NY than in Nashville.
I disagree on both fronts. First of all, in baseball, an extra $20 million allows you to field, not one, but two front line pitchers. That's a HUGE deal. So, yes, it DOES address the situation, since pitching wins. You can name virtually any team in the league, and I will name how $20 million can make them a playoff contender. And that is money that you get virtually EVERY year.

"I guess if the rich teams, who can afford it, just hand over some money to poorer teams, then I guess that could be considered a healthier league. I think the same result could be accomplished by more revenue sharing among the owners. At every game, there are two teams, so why shouldn't they both share the income (at least some of it) from that game? Why doesn't the visiting team get half of the gate receipts or a part of the TV revenue?"

Why should the rich teams just hand over money and fund the others? And what if some of these so-called have-nots, have the money but just CHOOSE not to spend it? Is it fair to just keep handing them over the money?
And the income from a game theory as you describe it works well, but in football. In football, the teams have something like a 60/40 split. But that is because the games are on once a week, and the viewing audience for EITHER of the two teams is huge. The games are nationally televised. Not so in hockey. The viewing audience of the Rangers is not the same as that of Nasville or Pittsburgh. Why does Pittsburgh deserve half the money that New Yorkers spend on the Rangers, while they cannot even come close to recipricating such an action?

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