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10-21-2004, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
interesting comments...penciling jessiman in on the top line of the rangers? i wonder if that's just blowing smoke a little to pump of the prospect...cmon, i find it a little hard to believe. but from all accounts, jessiman's progress does sound really stronger, worked on his skating...if he doesn't tear it up at dartmouth this year i'll be pretty dissapointed. i'm sure he'll be the focal point of every teams defense again but if he ups his intensity, that combined with his training over the summer shouldn't leave him with any problems...

kondratiev...interesting comment on the "great size". according to everyone i've talked to who saw him play with the pack, he looks pretty skinny. but then again, i have a feeling he could be one of those guys who just doesn't bulk up a lot but is stronger than he looks. the nasty game play is great hard, play fiesty, good stuff

lundmark...well, i think renney has hit the nail on the head. it's up to jamie and he's gotta come to play. if not...well the rangers have prospects who could take his spot
they were very honest, Renney even said at one point it may sound as if he's blowing smoke up Sather's ass when commentating on him but he was being honest and JD/Sam agreed with his comments

someone asked who can you gaurantee will be in the NHL, Renney said without even hesitating, without a doubt one guy he thinks will be in the NHL one day whether it is on the Rangers or not is Henrik Lundqvist, he said something like that certain people/players (??) will think they have the inside track on the job here in NY, however that is not the case with Lundqvist around.. said Prucha he thinks will make the NHL, giving the run down, he's 5'10 170 lbs but plays tough, is VERY skilled, played on a first line with Jagr and Sykora in the WC.. was very high on Zdenik Bahensky, skilled and tough, his stats were impressive, said he was best rookie in the WHL.. was also high on Dawes, compared him to Recchi

someone asked why they didn't sign Umberger, Renney said he wasn't the type of player they wanted - yes he had skill but JD basically said his teammates did not like him and he rubbed off the wrong way, didn't show any work ethic

they were talking about Sather, all 3 basically acknowledged Slats was not fully into rebuilding from day one, he said something like he just got caught in the wheel or some kind of cycle when coming here with all the big bucks etc and with the cubbard being so bare at the time, it made it very easy to buy a team rather then build it but he was now committed to this rebuilding - someone then commented saying they don't buy Sather being committed to this, Renney then says it really started when Sather basically got his "**** kicked in", he realized it, or something like that, it was a funny comment.. said Sather truly is a genuine guy, a very honest and caring guy but his problem is he doesn't express himself well.. a problem also is he doesn't "share" as he put it, in terms of information, when media for example asks him about something he won't give them any info, he gets put into a bad light from that

someone asked about the best beat writers in NY, Sam and JD tried to say all of them but you can tell Larry Brooks was who they really thought was the best one, both Sam and JD said he's the guy always at practice, his stories while sometimes are over the top (which he also say may be a mandate by his newspaper company - to be over the top) are very good and accurate, also mentioned Bridget Wentworth but did not comment on her, as well as John Delapina, said he clings too much to the past

when asked about how he visioned the team, Renney said he visioned a team being competative 3 years down the road (playoff wise), with speed, hard working, very good defense but most importantly, character.. character was the word of the night

he explained that character is not only the Dale Purrinton type players, character could be a player who is a dynamite shot blocker, someone that gives tremendous work ethic all the time

there may be some holes in this, I am also leaving some out, but basically thats the gist of it

what really stuck with you is how high they were on their prospects as a whole, specially Jessiman (very interesting that they had him penciled in for first line duty), also Kondratiev who they would have had him on a first pair d with Tjutin had there not been a lock out

his team will be all about pressure, a team that is hard working and can force turn overs which in turn create scoring opportunities

sam and jd were typical sam and jd, great classy guys with nothing but info to tell
Renney was very impressive though, smart, funny, cool guy overall

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