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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
Why every other year?
That means when I feel like doing it because it is a lot of work. it's nice to walk out your back door and play on your own ice but it is a lot easier to drive to a rink made somewhere else and using that.

I live in Maine too and sometimes we get air masses that are too warm and the highs are 36 to 40 for 3 days and then it gets cold again with canadian air masses and goes to -20F at night.

You need a good solid winter to maintain a rink easily without heartache of 2 days of rain ruining your 1 to 2 week's worth of work.

I guess what I mean is your heart has to be in it. last winter was awesome for outdoor ice, one of the best i can remember and I did not even make my own rink.

I literally have 5 places to skate near my house and a few more a little biut of a drive away so it isn't a big deal honestly. They use groomers and have access to the city water hydrants and can flood easily with a fire hose. I have to use a garden hose which takes .... a .... loooooooong .... time..... to.... flooooooood a rink.

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