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07-05-2009, 12:32 PM
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Ugghhh... I am so Embarassed.

I tried the HIIT And the first onee I went as hard as I could and couldn't even do one, the next time I tried I got to three and a half minutes.... I thought I was in way better shape. I think that since I usually do long distance runs that my body is not physically ready to jump right into HIIT. My early fatigue may have also been caused by my horrible eating for the day. Breakfast Bars, Kraft Diner, and McDonalds I am so disapointed. I think I am in fairly good shape, but could my fatigue have been caused by my eating for the day?? I think that I may be setting the bar too high for myself, or today was just a bad day (is that even possible?) For the last about three weeks I have been riding my excersise sttaionary bike for about half hour (the duration of an online game of NHL09) Another question is there any way that I you can help me make these excersises more fun???

If you guys could suggest what suggest what went wrong yesterday, what I should be eating to prepare, how these excersises could be more fun, and maybe I new routine I should try to get started.

I am in the dumps , HELP
I don't think I am in bad shape?! ugghhh can someone explain this PLEASE!!


PS- You guys rock!

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