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07-05-2009, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
You can do the math, but I saw the 88 m/h come up on the radar. He uses 100 flex and yet he can flex the hell out of that stick. You can see his stick literally take the shape of the letter 'C'.
If you look at Ryan Ellis, he's 5'10 178lbs and he delivers bombs to the net.
Dude I'm telling you right now if he hits 88 he is NOT toeing the puck when shooting. He just simply cannot be and then throw in his weight and size .... NO WAY. He could shooting it correctly but I assure you the toe of the blade is not being used.

For one thing I seriously doubt one can even shoot a slapshot on the toe of the stick. Sometimes I catch a one timer too far on the toe and it loses everything and flutterpucks.

The toe is used for wristshots, snapshots etc .... a slap shot does not have the TIME for the puck to ride the whole length of the blade. The swing speed is too great ... the photo I posted shows this.

Basically though you just can't shoot a slapshot using JUST the toe. CANNOT BE DONE.

The toe is just too far from the heel where the torque is generated from the shaft of the stick which is why a couple of people in here said one would just be breaking blades.

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