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Being the youngest of 4 boys, I pretty much got involved with whatever interests my brothers had. It started with soccer, then baseball, then hockey. They eventually moved on to other interests but I was hooked. My family couldn't afford for me to play ice, so I played dek and roller hockey beginning around age 7. Eventually when I turned 15, I got a part-time job so I could finally afford to play ice. I spent about a year practicing skating and all that fun stuff and played for my high school for my junior and senior years. In those two years I improved drastically, going from falling down 3 times a game on the 4th line to leading my team in scoring, and ended up playing in college (nothing special, just d-III.) I played my first two years there but due to a few circumstances, namely developing bursitis in both of my heels which made it incredibly painful to skate and hockey became pretty much like a chore or a job and it just wasn't fun anymore, I gave it up. Something I've regretted a few times since then, but overall I'm very proud of the fact that I essentially lived my dream of being able to play ice hockey, especially at a decently competitive level.

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