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07-06-2009, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by gc View Post
Kareem, so you're aware, oileberle stated he's trying to make a Bantam team, which means he's either 13 or 14. It might be a bit young for him to do snatches. While they can be perfectly safe, they're the kind of thing a young, enthusiastic trainee might hurt themselves on. Same goes for front squats, mostly for the "clean" portion.

I would think, especially if he's training for endurance and stamina and not primarily for strength, that he'll be fine with bodyweight exercises. Although it might be beneficial, there is no need for a 14 year-old to be doing squats, snatches, and bench presses to get ready for hockey. Pushups, bodyweight squats (or maybe squats with dumbells), burpees, chinups, and pullups are all he should need.

EDIT: Also, would mind you sharing with us how foten you do HIIT? I'm not really sure how often he should do it either, or myself when I get better and start. The guy on T-Nation says once a month but that seems a little rare to actually get any kind of progress.
I do HIIT 4 times a week. Tabatas at the end of my workouts, it's death but you'll improve your fitness a lot.

I didn't know he was a bantam, I guess I skipped over that part, I assumed he was a 16-17 midget player. Many of the exercises I listed though, he can do with a simple bar or even his bodyweight. Single leg squats would be an awesome bodyweight exercise he can try out. If he can do a full pistol squat at his age.. he'll be very strong. Same for jump squats.

For snatches, you're right, he shouldn't do them, unless he has professional supervision.

Anyways, his workout is actually pretty darn decent for his age.

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