Thread: News Article: Canucks Re-Sign Shane O'Brien
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07-06-2009, 04:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
Yet you missed SOB being a pretty damned good d-man.
At times, he plays very well. He takes too many penalties, some are unwarranted, maybe he has an attitude problem with the refs? But does he play better than say Weaver? I don't think so. And I watched Weaver in 07/08 and against us in the 1st round, doesn't make too many mistakes. But Obrien gets more involved offensively and brings the toughness element and sure that might be worth $1.6M. The problem I have with O'brien is his attitude. When his ice-time gets cut, he sulks on the bench (I've observed that every time his ice time is cut), usually with Hordichuk. He complains publicly about his ice-time. He got involved with the Mason Raymond incident in practice. He's a trouble-maker. If on the other hand he had a great attitude, he would be worth every penny. But he doesn't. I hate to use that card but why was he traded from Anaheim when supposedly that's the kind of player Burke likes? and from Tampa? Based on the Fred Shero rule, he would have been traded already (each team has 7 leaders, 7 followers, and 7 bad atttitudes. Room the 7 leaders with the 7 followers and trade the bad attitudes).

Now that he's signed, its up to him to make the most of it and fix his attitude as it does him or the team no good.

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