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10-22-2004, 07:03 AM
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As a LW myself (and a right handed shot)

Originally Posted by Edge
The reasoning is kind of twofold. On the one hand, there were just so many left handed shots compared to righties that {For the above mentioned reasons with Gartner} you needed every righty you could get to play RW. Teams always wanted a right handed shot for the right side, getting one on the left was a bonus.

The second reason being {as we discussed also} is that a left handed shooter is in an awkward position on the rightside. Unlike a right handed shot playing lw, a leftie on the right side has a more difficult shot to make. He has to recieve the pass on the backhand, get it to his forehand and then manage to shoot it past a goalies glove. Obviously that would take a high degree of skill and speed to pull off.

Right handed lefties is an idea you've seen come into play, more in the last 20 or so years with guys like Shannahan and Andreychuk doing some damange from there. You've seen the Rangers experiment with it in regards to Lundmark and Jessiman {or so they hope} and I expect you'll continue to see that.
I never really thought about the difficulties of accepting a pass on the back hand and always felt that my angle as a righty playing LW was that of the glove hand as well as the blocker simply because my shot was always being taken from more of the inside rather than an angles shot from a lefty.

Always thought and still believe that a lefty on the RW and a righty on the LW will always have better shooting angles and when I coached kids I always set my lines that way. Taught them how to twist on 2 on 1's so that accepting a pass on their forehand made it simpler to shoot...

Plus I always thought, for me, it was easier coming out of the corner, for a right handed shot, off the LW. The Ice always felt more open for me that way and if I had the opportunity to deke the defenceman, it made it tougher on the goaile because he couldn't cheat to his stick-side as I always had the ability to extend to his far side.

I'm rambling now...

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