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07-06-2009, 11:56 PM
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I hate all this "get a below average veteran defenseman for 1 mil and get a scrub or over the hill forward for another mil" stuff I seem to be hearing. Here's how I think it should go down, not that it will...

It's about time Klein got full time minutes. So he's not great yet and sometimes has bad games or shifts. Oh well. He still is an ok player with more potential. And he's not totally green. He needs to pair with Hammer out of the gate. Full time. We have 3 veteran defenseman and at least a couple good prospects who should be getting close to NHL ready, Sulzer for sure, since they did bring him in last year, and either Franson or Blum. So Sulzer and Blum or Franson are the backups.

Is that a super young dee and scary? Of course! But the Preds need to swing for the fences. There isn't another way to win. I don't know why people think they should add scrubs and try to muddle by. We were all hoping guys like Fiddler would move on so maybe we could plug in some young prospects and Trotz would actually be forced to give them PT.

We cannot afford to spend a dime on another defenseman because we need every dime to buy a forward who ISN'T a scrub or career third liner at best.

Swing for the fences! Toss the prospects into the fire and hope Weber, Suter, Hammer, and Klein stay real, real healthy. Same for Sulzer. Now go spend whatever is left on a forward who the fans have some hope can really play. So they can sell tickets.

I happen to think Wilson will make the team very early. He's another one who has to be thrown in on the deep end. I just can't see him being one who will get mental and stymied in development if things are tough early.

I think this team is going to be better. The best defenseman have another year and should be good. Sullivan is the wildcard but I am saying better because he will play from the start. Legwand played like crap for the first third of last year before he began showing off for his new bride. He isn't likely to repeat his suckage from early last season. Jones will be better. Ward is now basically a veteran and knows the sytem.

All we need is one good forward. Don't spend money on defense that needs to be spent up front. Count on the cheap prospects and give them PT. It's our only hope. I know Poile is supposed to be interested only in a defensive pickup, but my scenario is based on the fact that there's no way on God's green earth that can possibly be true, so he'll reveal his hole card and it'll be a decent forward/center. It HAS to be...

This could be a good team.

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