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07-06-2009, 11:49 PM
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Jog 2 miles- ELIMINATED
Pushups-4 sets of 15
Sit Ups-4 sets of 20
Pull Ups-3 Sets of 3
HIIT- 1:1 for 10 mins-ELIMINATED
Tabata-3 mins of burpees (6 reps of 2:1)-ELIMINATED
Rows-4 sets of 15 with 5 lbs. weights
Handstand Push ups-3 sets of 2
Lunges-5 sets of 20

I did everything but the eliminated excersises and plan to do those eliminated ones tomorrow. So Mon/Wed/Fri is Strenght and Tues/Thurs/Sun is Conditioning... What do you guys think.... I did those strenght excersises and felt great! But the handstand push ups are too hard for me I could barely do two little ones. So I may eliminate that and add it with something else. I will do these excersises until the end of the week and then next monday, I will raise the reps of excersise that I think need to be raised and will keep raising to increase my strenght and capacity etc. What do you guys think.

Is it a good work out, or pretty weak in general,



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