Thread: News Article: Canucks Re-Sign Shane O'Brien
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07-07-2009, 01:18 AM
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I like this signing. Truthfully a few of the contracts signed recently have been a little high for my liking but it doesn't surprise me that Gillis, a former player agent, would be something of a "player's GM" and reward them with a *slight* bump in salary over what was expected. Maybe I'm just hopefully idealistic but I would hope that such faith and integrity would be rewarded with some loyalty. Gillis just really seems like a guy who'll go to bat for those guys, and this contract, to me anyways, is just a natural extension of that.

I've always liked O'Brien, going back to when he cracked the Ducks lineup a couple years ago. He seems like a likeable guy, and I think he's a popular guy in the dressing room, which is important too. I was really impressed with his interviews this season, he's actually a breath of fresh air as he offers *gasps of horror* ORIGINAL ANSWERS rather than the cliches... and I guess that's why he got in hot water during the season, he's sometimes too honest!

Yes, he takes his share of dumb penalties, but he's still a kid, relatively speaking, and sins of commission are always easier to rectify than sins of omission. He's got the heart of a lion, and he's easily one of the more physical defensemen on the team. He's got spunk, he cares. To me, he is absolutely 100% a great role player for this team. And I honestly think he could take on some more responsibility this season. He showed a level of coachability this past season, and certainly played strongly down the stretch, so I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that he'd get some more minutes.

I can't believe people are beefing about this... would you rather have a schmuck like Davison, Nycholat or Vaananen playing on your third pairing? Vaananen was the best of that lot, and he just plain looked lost out there without half the talent or physical play of O'Brien. Blech. I say count your blessings, and thank your lucky stars that we kept the feisty Irishman!

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