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Originally Posted by JLHockeyKnight View Post
Anyone ever been robbed while playing hockey?

A few years ago someone went into my wallet and stole $25 cash while I was playing open hockey. Ever since then I never bring my wallet into the rink, if I'm playing hockey I bring the cash and my car keys. Two weeks ago I went to play and was running late, I rushed in and knew I had my wallet but whatever, odds of it happening were slim, came back to find my wallet in my left pocket....I NEVER put it there, always in my right pocket. Low and behold, $60 cash missing. Now I'm watching my credit cards/debit cards to make sure they're not using that for online purchases too.

Anyone else ever have problems with this? Am I weird for thinking locker rooms should have LOCKERS in them? What's the most that's ever been taken? Vent with me.
Man that sucks. How about putting a small combo lock on your hockey bag? Just like the one's used for airport bags ,lock two zippers together.

I'd also call in to bank customer service and get new credit and debit cards. Not worth the worry.

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