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Originally Posted by Sic Transit Gloria View Post
Someone stole my bag off of my drive way while it was airing out AND my entire family and I were home. I have a long drive way so I never figured I would have to worry about it. So about 20 minutes before the team bus was going to leave I go outside to load up my truck and drive over to the school. Bags gone.

I spent like 15 minutes driving around looking for my bag thinkning maybe someone dumped it in a dumpster or something. Then like 5 minutes before the bus was supposed to leave my friend calls me and tells me somebody dropped my bag of at the highschool. Apparently someone stole it and ran it over with their car and left it in the middle of the road. Luckily somebody found it and since it has my name and my schools name on the side they dropped it off.

My bag was totally shredded and my helmet snapped in half. My shoulder pads and girdle had road burns all over them, but otherwise everything else was ok including my skates. My friend who was hurt let me use his helmet that night and I ended up scoring the gwg, so it didnt turn out too bad after all.
That has to be the most random thing in the world. Who drives by a bag with somebody's hockey equipment and is possessed to steal it for the sake of running it over??

I haven't had money stolen from me at the rink before, but there was a guy in my grade 10 gym class that would steal cash from people's wallets. I don't usually take my full gear with me to open ice sessions. My shinny pants have pockets in them, so I just wear those to the rink and keep my cell phone, keys, and wallet with me.

Remember... when in doubt, just toss your clothes and shoes into your hockey bag (in as smelly as it may be... NEVER dress up to go to the rink~!) and bring your bag out to the bench. *If* somebody still decides to rummage through your bag, you should have enough time to see them and wire a puck at their head.

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