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07-07-2009, 10:35 AM
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I was a rink rat at my local roller facility several years ago. My friends and I ran the leagues there, so we could literally play all night or whenever there were no scheduled games going on. Long story short, we were having a late night practice/open session and someone came in and robbed the rooms. It was especially painful for me because I had just gotten home from vacation and had a pretty good wad of cash in my wallet (about $250). I was still in college at this point so that represented a good portion of my net worth at the time, so I was supremely bummed out.

This story had a happy ending though. Given our rink rat status (a bunch of worked for the rink, the rest of us played in leagues there at least 2 nights a week), the owner decided to make a gesture and reimburse everyone. He didn't even balk when I told him how much money I had on me (everyone else only lost $20-$40). Awesome guy. I bought him a nice bottle of wine as a thank you.

Moral of the story. Leave your wallet at home (I'm more concerned about leaving it in the car at some place I play). People are *******s.

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