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Originally Posted by FruityPants3 View Post
What a stupid argument over semantics.

This just in: teams don't like paying their players $500,000+ to play in the minors. They would much rather pay them a minor league salary, which is exactly why Ernie's point about a 2-way contract was a valid one.
Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
So at least one of the regular extra forwards would have to be on a two way deal this season so they can be sent the other way.
As honourable as it may seem to come to the aid of the fair maiden, there is no validity to the statement. This is not a discussion over semantics, it is a discussion over being wrong. Really it's about a poster being wrong, not accepting it, getting upset, then wondering why everyone is being so mean to him. Rather than just shrug it off, it became this:

Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
what isn't?

enlighten me, oh knowledgeable one.
Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
oh, was I not specific enough for you?

I'm so sorry.

When I said two-way I implied that it meant he could be brought up and down. There are several different ways that could happen, obviously, and I don't think that there's any reason to spit out the whole CBA every time I make a point. So take your little *****-fest elsewhere, please.
You can't wish away errors screaming semantics! and syntax!. It was a oddly funny backpedalling defence.

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