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07-07-2009, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by sk84fun_dc View Post
Four from what I recall; 2 per group if they can. Also, they typically have had an FA goalie or two at the dev. camp.

There is a chance one or both of Varlamov and Neuvirth won't be there based on their long seasons and playing pro this season, but based on previous camps, it's very possible one or both attend. Right now we have to wait and see when they announce the roster.

Dunn has attended the last 2 years and has to pay his own way as an NCAA player. Combined with where he is on the Caps goalie depth chart, who knows what the plan is for him this summer. Speculation, but I was wondering if he might leave SCSU/transfer based on lack of playing time behind Weslosky combined with Mike Lee (Phoenix '09 draft pick) expected to join the team for this coming season. I haven't seen anything from Dunn or SCSU to indicate that is the case, so I assume he is headed back for his junior season.

So it's possible it's Holtby, Neuvirth, Varlamov plus Zemlak. Or one of the first 3 is not attending and possibly Dunn is.
Yeah, I know Dunn's been there before (I remember seeing him having lunch with some of the other NCAA's in the food court downstairs, since I'm sure he was on a budget ). I just figure for him it's got to be a very year-to-year thing since he's got to pay his own way, and it wouldn't surprise me if he ended up missing it for one reason or another.

I had just assumed Varlamov and Neuvirth would both not attend seeing as they'd already made their NHL debuts, but then again maybe the team will still want them there. It would be kind of weird to have Holtby be the only Caps goalie in the entire camp.

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