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07-08-2009, 01:20 AM
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Originally Posted by CaNuCk#88 View Post
Hey guys I was looking for some input about a problem I had with my knee.

So last weekend I'm playing in the CBC Play On Street Hockey and in the second half of the second game I messed up my knee.

I play D so I was coming out of my own end and I went to cut back to the other side to make a pass but when I planted my right left to shift to the left I felt and heard a poping in my knee and followed but immediate pain.
The real question is where the pain was located. Was it directly under the kneecap? Was it more toward the outside of the knee but still in that horizontal plane? Was it more toward the inside but still in that horizontal plane? Was it in the back further up the thigh, in the front further up the thigh, or down slightly toward the shin?

There's a lot of muscle and connective tissue in the immediate area of the knee. I mean, I found a way to strain my sartorius one time (I have no clue how).

Use the picture, mark on MS Paint or something where exactly the pain is, and we'll go from there.

After about 5 minutes the pain was gone and it was just very stiff. A trainer came and done some stretches on it and there was no pain at all, just stiffness.
What kind of stretching?

So now a week and a half later it still is somewhat stiff but its slowly getting better. I played ice hockey on Sunday and while my mobility was affected there wasnt much pain at all.

So that`s the situation with my knee. Here`s what I wanted to know about: I recently joined a gym and started doing split workouts. The Thursday before the CBC street hockey (Saturday) I done a full workout on my legs. I read somewhere that your groin and hamstring directly affect the way your knees move.
Well, both the groin and hamstring are actually groups of multiple muscles; it's possible to injure one of the hamstring muscles but not the others (ditto with the groin).

I was wondering if what i had done in the gym that Thursday affected how my knee reacted to the movement that I made 1000`s of time before or what it just bad luck and was bound to happen because I have played alot of ball hockey which is very hard on your joints.
If you do an unusual workout, the most common thing you'll think the next day is "I didn't even know I had a muscle there". It's entirely possible that your workout ended up targeting a muscle that you rarely use and overloaded it to the extent that it wouldn't have recovered in time for your game. What can happen in that case is that the rest of the nearby muscles have to bear an unusual load, which can lead to a strain there (or something more serious).

If you had no swelling at all originally, it's unlikely that you suffered a ligament tear. It is certainly possible to suffer a severe ligament tear simply by changing directions, but the detection of a pop doesn't necessarily indicate a ligament injury.

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