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Originally Posted by londonkni14 View Post
ok so i'm thinking about buying either a one75 or the a one55 two pack. their both around the same price within 5 dollars. i'm not even considering paying that much for one95. i play AAA and i am about 5'9ish and 140ish. i was just hoping to get some feedback on what you think is a better buy. i think i would get an intermediet stick and would probably have to cut it down a little. just what are the specs on both sticks. how much diffrent are they really. which one would you buy. i dont just want to break one and then it done. and which curve pm9 or p88. i appricate some feedback.
Well what I CAN tell you is that curve is preference. The PM9 has a heel curve which offers a straight like portion in the middle of the blade while the P88 has a mid curve and is basically a perfect quarter moon shape. It is about a 1/2 inch deep curve (I think so, may be 3/4 inch but I doubt it) or so.

But again this is preference. You should be more concerned with the LIE of the stick and that is a whole nuther post. But most blades these days are 5 or 5.5 on the shelves.

Generally stick flex should be about half of your body weight. If you have an 87 flex lets say and you cut off some length you will increase the flex number by shortening the shaft. Lots of manufacturers now have a marked guide where the knob end is to tell you what your flex will be with that specific stick if you cut it in that spot.

With that ... all manufacturers sticks are made slightly different or the same ... in other words one place where you cut it won't be the same flex on another stick in the same spot. Close but not an exact science.

For your height and weight you could get away with an intermediate IF you are cutting it short enough to get a flex about half of your body weight. I am 235 lbs and use a 100+ flex. Anything less than 100 for me makes the stick too whippy and slapshots lose energy. Wristshots however are decent with a whippy stick so again your flex may be preference, some folk like the "wrong" flex.

The sticks ... the One75 is better than the One55 in that it weighs less and may have a better grip on the shaft if it offers some notches or something for a grip.

The One55 is just a smooth plain old box shaped shaft absolutely nuthin fancy. I own 2 One55 shafts and use replacement blades, both have not broken yet and I bought them in December and play a lot. They take a lot of abuse BUT are not the lightest shaft out there. I just bought a Harrow shaft which is a better more expensive shaft and the difference is noticable.

But I am a defensive player and checking forward and the One55 made a lot of stick whacking contact with no breakage and barely any chips off of it. A very good durable mid priced product. They come in 87 flex only I believe and where I cut them gave me about a 96 to 100 flex so I was good to go. I am 6 ft 4 inches tall though.

The other thing good with the One55 is that they come in a longer than normal length which gives a bigger guy a chance to get the flex he needs.

You would be cutting a lot off it and the flex would be ridiculously high for you I think.

An intermediate stick's flex of say 65 (whatever those are) may be the best way for you to go.

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