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07-09-2009, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
Just as well. The Blues need room for a growing number of decent prospects who may have NHL potential. Better to have more room in their NHL affiliate, than to need to stick 3 of their players in The ECHL, if the basic playing level is below their current abilities. It may make the difference between a player from Europe deciding to stay in North America, if The Blues have no room for him in The AHL. I know that most of us wouldn't feel that a player not willing to play in Alaska doesn't have the right attitude. But, we have to remember that these are young kids, and there are factors other than money, language, comfortability and dedication that come into play in such decisions.

The bottom line is more room usually means more space for "hands on" training by OUR organisation of more of our prospects, rather than less. In the long run, that's got to be a plus for the system.
I totally agree. I've written countless times that management needs to take a more wholistic approach with their assets; humans. I totally get it and was making no value judgment whatsoever on those two loans not being with Peoria any longer.

The Rivs' roster will be stocked this coming season.

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