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07-09-2009, 07:37 AM
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I left my gloves by accident(was new and just got caught talking so did not think to check my area) and they had already had my nasty hand stinch and were not even expensive in the least bit. Came back next day they were gone noone turned em in they just took them. Although I can not for sure say they were stolen thats pretty much all thats left as an option. Gotten to know the people who work there pretty well from the time I put in and they all had not seen a thing. I was pretty damn shocked someone took my gloves with such a smell that were not even top or midrange gloves, small rink in Florida so its not like the chump will ever be able to use them at any public times or the select league games Id be at, they prob only got like 10-15 bucks sellin them.
Glad this happened with a cheap piece of equipment though and not any of my info/cash/good gear, now I triple check before leaving and leave my wallet and phone in my car ever since.

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