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Originally Posted by Timeless Enigma View Post
I don't really buy merchandise or memorabilia for anything, but I remember my earliest hockey memory was my parents buying me an Away Flames jersey (or actually maybe at the time it was their home jersey, it was the white one).

That's probably what got me liking the Flames all those years later (I've lived in Vancouver and BC for almost all of my life, never been in Alberta).

Then for Christmas a couple of years ago my parents got me another white Flames jersey (the version before the RBK Edge ones) because I think they gave my last one away to relatives.
Very similiar to me. Except my mom picked me up a Flames T-shirt cause it had something to do with hockey and knew I liked hockey... it could have easily been a Canucks shirt, glad my mom didn't know any better, lol. Born and raised in Vancouver area never been to Alberta, but that shirt is prolly why i'm a Flames fan, lol.

I have a bunch of older blank Jersey's. Horse head one. Home and Away jerseys of the really gay ones, the 1999-2000 season jerseys IIRC. Was younger and had too much money to waste on crap, they are safely stashed away in a box in storage that I'll never look at again. Also have Home and Away Iginla Jerseys. One was from the 2004 year the other is an RBK one.

Had tons of Flames hockey cards from about 1984/85ish and on thru 92-93, once there was like a million card companys I stoped collecting cards. Unfortunately lost those in a house fire. I had my Fleury rookie card stashed away as I was a huge fan of him, and still have that card. So proud when I bought that and a Brian Leetch rookie card off of a sweet old lady for 10 cents at a flea market.

I have a few plaque things and some pictures, and a couple McFarlane figures. Gifts from relatives that don't know what else to get me so they get me token Flames stuff, lol.

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