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07-09-2009, 12:57 PM
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Good point Noobman, I have my own visor/cage and it is oakley. What I do to mine is make sure it is really clean by putting on a coat or two of the oakley anti-fog spray, and then take a real clean skate towel on the bench and wipe my visor whenever I need too. The Anti-fog coating really helps. In between periods you should put another coating of the spray and wipe your visor so clean in shines. The visor won't be able to completely stay un fogged for a whole game!! What I do after games is but my helmet rapped up in a towel to keep the visor from getting scratched and smudged but if you can get a helmet bag that is even better. Something else to consider is that the visor fogs up way easier in COLD arenas... my oakley visor has the antifog and my holy visor HAD FROST ON IT!!! So make sure that if you are at a cold arena that you have a spare wired helmet!!! If you have any questions, I have experienced it all with my visor/helmet!!!


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