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Originally Posted by starlighter View Post
No....and fans of the NHL should be happy there is no moneyball.

This is one of the most over-hyped, garbage information out there.

It's true some of the money ball priniciapls are useful....things such as On-base-percentage.

However moneyball does not believe in stealing bases and the recommendations it makes for not having a closer shows the authors/creators of this theory have no regard at all for the physical nature of pitching and no common sense for sports.

It took a few novel ideads, like on base percentage and scouting, and added garbage like no stealing and no set 'closer', and was nothing more than a clearinghouse for stat geeks who never played the sport.

How you can recommend that it is wise to take out a dimension of the game, like stealing bases, really is ridicolous.
Ask any reliever to how realistic it is not to have 'set' roles.

The theory is worthless and the Red Sox have won because of good scouting, money, and the OBP.
They dismissed the closer theory and they do steal bases.

The A's always choked in the playoffs because they never could manufacture a run.
rest assured, the NHL is still in stone ages when it comes to statistical analysis, I tried to forward my model to certain NHL teams and came across certain professors who tried to advance their work also, and it took them a lot of calls and time before having very little interest. It seems like certain teams are getting interested but it's nothing to write home about.

apparently video work is still only in its infancy in the NHL. I thought players spent most of their day in the video room when they were done training and practicing, but apparently not. You see the NFL players have rooms in the stadium so they can sleep there at night when they're done with the video and can start the next day early morning, but apparently in hockey it's still far removed from that. Imagine where analytics are if video is still basically new to them.

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