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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
should my torso be facing the way I want to stop? Or should it be parallel with my legs?
In the beginning at least, I have my torso face the same way as my toes. In other words, as you skate up ice and intend to stop with your right foot first you would quickly pick both feet off the ice (just a very limited amount), turn your hps so you are facing to your left and plant your right foot with the inside edge and the left foot with the outside edge. Your skates should be about shoulder width apart. Don't put the weight on your heals as that's a quick way to go down. your weight should be towards the center of the blade.

Originally Posted by Ragss View Post
Start with snow plow stops so you get a feel for your blades sliding sideways.
I was going to suggest the same thing. Basically as you're skating forward, you point your toes inward and scrape the ice. If you ski, it's the same type of concept. This gets you used to edges. As you gain some comfort with your edges you can progress to a traditional hockey stop.

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