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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Gee... what about Brian Campbell... what about Vinny????

Cammy's overpayment is slight. And if he can stay at PPG and close to 40 goals, its actually an underpayment.

If one thinks Gionta is overpaid, then Kovalev is overpaid too, at the same level, as their scoring and points average is about the same in the last 5 seasons. Wanna argue over the number of seasons? Kovalev is gonna be 37 soon, while Gionta is in his late 20s....

Before last season, a guy like Marleau was seen as a huge overpayment because he didn't deliver AT ALL. Yet this season he did and no one talks of him as overpaid anymore... get where I'm going here? It's the kind of turnaround that many of these present UFAs can offer. Will Gabby and Havlat be overpayments if they don't get injured and rack up points? Will Cammy and Gionta be overpayments if they can rack up points and repeat their best seasons? Isn't it obvious that this analysis is incomplete and way too premature. But I guess, as usual, THN has their best crystal ball on the job.

One more know-it-all-I'm-better-than-most-GMs-out-there making a stupid article. I can understand for Gabby and Havlat, as they are injury prone and should've taken way shorter contracts, or lesser cap hit. Khabibulyn, not so sure, he had a great season this year and seems back to form, and this present contract is way less an overpayment than the last contract he had. But Chicago paid for the guy who got Tampa a Stanley cup. There's always reasoning behind such signings.

Now what about Brad Richards? If Gionta and Cammy and Gomez are overpayments, then Richards is too.

What about Finger? Does this writer have a very short term memory, or a bias towards the Leafs? I still count him as in the top 5 overpayments.

What about Hammer? Somewhat of an overpayment.

What about Pronger signing for 5 mil per till he's 42 friggin years old????

What about Brière?????

What about friggin Jose Theodore???

Well, you know, the article is concentrated on the PRESENT overpayments of this year's signings, but wouldn't a proper analysis compare it to the previous signings... as many of the contracts mentioned are not as worst as some others we've seen in recent years.

Well it's just based on this year. There's already been several on who's got the worst contracts in the NHL.

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