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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
That would be because I'm putting Weber in the "Ready for NHL" category and yes O'Byrne is a good 7th now though I don't think at his age he appreciates that very much.
No Weber is not NHL ready yet, he didn't show anything special last year in the season and playoffs. He could barly get his shot off most of the time because he has to adjust to the speed of the NHL and has to adapt to the higher physical play. You shouldn't give up on O'byrne yet he is only what 25? This guy has lots of potential and I am willing to wait a little longer for that high reward.

Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
That's it, basically if the org decides to send Plek away, and I'm not saying they are likely to or not, we'd have a wooping ~8 mil to get a #2 or a better #1
This would not accomplish anything as we our defence would become suspect as Weber and Subban are not ready yet and we would need to evaluate them at mid-season to see if we could do that type of move.

Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
Yes I understand what you're saying but you have to consider that trading Hammer close to the deadline might not work at all, because the man has a NMC IIRC. Those become headaches during the season more than before. I think the org is more likely to start camp and the season with that core, but like Habs 4 Life said if they feel Weber or Subban is ready then Hammer becomes expandable. The question is at what price? Better than now or worst? I mean if a team wants him now for a good price, I'm ready to accept the lost.
I don't think you get my point. Subban and Weber are gems on D and will anchor Mtl's D for years. This year we had lots of turnover and you just want to throw one of them into the line-up without knowing what to expect and lose their confidence? It could be a disaster with the media ripping them all apart (hopefully not) but you know what I mean, we never had this turnover before and we need to see how it works before we just throw the young guys in.

I know hammer has a NMC but why would you sell low? He had an off year and wouldn't you want to up your players value before trading him? Hammer is not a headache case kind of guy, do you ever hear him complain once? If deemed appropriate I am positive we could trade him at the deadline if the right deal came along and we would get more in return than trading him now.

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