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07-12-2009, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by SergeiKost99 View Post
You shouldn't give up on O'byrne yet he is only what 25? This guy has lots of potential and I am willing to wait a little longer for that high reward.
He's what? 2 years away from free agency? That is what weights in more and that's why I think he'll not like being #7. You talk about confidence well having no free spots on our D core doesn't really help with that either. Specially for the guy at the bottom of the list (Carle).

Originally Posted by SergeiKost99 View Post
This would not accomplish anything as we our defence would become suspect as Weber and Subban are not ready yet....
You can't say that before camp and then move on and say playing in the NHL might hurt their confidence if they make mistakes. How much confidence do you think they keep when hearing people say they're not ready when many think they are? Having opportunities in the line up for them is one serious source of motivation. Now there's not even a spot for O'Byrne.

As far as Weber is concerned, I'm pretty sure he's as ready as O'Byrne now. For Subban, well, Subban losing confidence is an oxymoron

Originally Posted by SergeiKost99 View Post
I know hammer has a NMC but why would you sell low? He had an off year and wouldn't you want to up your players value before trading him?
Up valuing players before trading them never happens, specially if they are 35 and you want to do this within 1 season. Not just in this city, it just doesn't happen anywhere, with maybe rare exceptions here and there. In any case the trading idea isn't because of performances, it's because of cap space to play with and youngsters needing top notch ice time.

Originally Posted by SergeiKost99 View Post
If deemed appropriate I am positive we could trade him at the deadline if the right deal came along and we would get more in return than trading him now.
The right deals at the deadline? That's a rare commodity. If we get a "right deal" right now, then why not jump on it? So the real question is which team would actually want to help us for a good price now? If the answer is none then of course you don't just dump him on the cheap, that would be silly. I see that I forgot to say add a 3rd or a 6th, I'd get some mid-level prospect with that.

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