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07-12-2009, 10:20 AM
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Okay, this is how I learned, or at least my thought process when I first started to get the stops down.

Step one: Skating
Standard skating position should have you bending your knees with a low center of gravity. This is great for skating, not so great for stopping.

Step two: Starting to Stop
When you decide you want to stop (and what I would do is pick a spot that I wanted to stop at, such as every blue line pass, or blue and red lines) you have to raise your center of gravity so that your blades can glide across the ice without your edges digging in. You do this by straightening your legs (unbending your knees from skatin position). Once you have raised your center of gravity, you turn without bending your legs and you will begin to glide (The slide feeling can be practiced as others have said by standing next to the boards and gently grazing the ice with your front skate, or by doing snowplow stops). . You do not want to put weight on either of your edges or you will make a quick turn (which is another thing you will want to learn in the future, but stick to the task at hand). So now if you can glide on the ice (you should be able to spin while doing this without your skates leaving the ice) with your legs straight you're almost done. You want to glide into the position where your skates are perpendicular to the direction you where skating in step one.

Step three: Stopping
Now that you can glide on the ice it's time to use your center of gravity to stop. So you're skating, then you briefly glide sideways (as this is supposed to be a quick stop once you master the basics) bend your knees (placing about 70% of your weight on your back leg, 30% on the front, this should almost come naturally from the lean) while turning your torso towards the direction you want to stop (after a bit you won't need your torso to follow, but it helps while learning). Lean away from the direction you want to stop digging your edges into the ice. The more gradually you bend your knees the slower you should stop. If you bend your knees quickly while doing this, you should stop faster, as your center of gravity is coming down on the edges faster.

Anyway, I hope that helps. Once you figure it out you'll laugh at yourself for not knowing how to do it. At first it is a little difficult to put your body in the position to even do this. The main thing you want to be able to do is glide on the ice sideways. as once you've done that you're really almost there.

Have fun, learn to stop, then move on to the next thing to get your game better.

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