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07-12-2009, 11:47 AM
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So I havn't been playing long, unfortunately my parents couldn't afford hockey for me as a kid and I just picked it up in the last few months, and have been playing mostly against a couple buddies of mine who reignited my interest. I didn't actually end up making the come back in this one, but it was soo close..

We play at a little inline rink at the local rec center and when we don't have a big enough group (Usually if we don't have 6-8 people [which is usually all the time ]) we just play half rink so that we have time to set up defensively a little bit and it doesn't wear us out too quick..

I was playing 1 on 1 first to 10 with a buddy, and was down 6-1 fairly early.. Kept playing, was down 7-2, and then had 6 unanswered goals and made it 7-8. He got 2 unanswered goals back against me, and it was 9-8.. I ended up tying it up and it was 9-9.. We took it into the zone probably 6-7 times each, and just couldn't finish the other one off.. On the goal he scored we were fighting behind the net, kinda near the corner for the puck, I was on the defensive, I managed to poke it my direction (behind the net) and he started coming around the front of the net to intercept my path out of the zone, so I tried to stop and throw it around behind him off the side boards and pick it up with a little bit of speed so I could get out of the zone, and he intercepted it and rushed the net, I managed to get back in front of him but he shot the puck just a little before I was fully in position and it bounced off the inside of the post and in.. Best game I've played in until or since then..

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