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07-13-2009, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Giant Moo View Post
Jay Bouwmeester is clearly one of the worst players in the league and no one here wanted him to join the Oilers, especially those people who love to use Corsi in their other arguments.

Oh, wait...
Like I said, Corsi data is useless without the proper context. All Corsi shows is the relation of shots for and against when you're on the ice. Any fool should be able to understand the notion that when you're starting more often than not in front of your own net, you're more likely to be on the ice for a shot against than a shot for. Even the best faceoff men lose 40% or more of their draws, so it's not uncommon for a shot against to occur without anybody being at fault defensively. This is especially likely for defensemen who have little to no impact on the outcome of a faceoff.

Kulka (Mirtle is bad for this as well) is just showing that people who don't understand the numbers they're using shouldn't try to use them to prove or disprove anything.

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