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07-13-2009, 01:15 PM
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You overrate the players on the habs, or greatly underrated them. As soon as the overrated players are traded they suck.

You boo a 21 year-old for allowing only 4 goals in a game the team never had a chance to win because you suck at hockey, even when playing it on the ps3, or x-box 360.

If a first round prospect isn't in the NHL within a year after being drafted, they're a bust.

Now for some truthful and funny ones

You speak two languages and if you only speak English, or French, you still go to sites of the other language just to find the slightest news about the habs.

You know there's enough of us to form a small army. If a nation declares war against us, all the prime minister has to say is the other country is a bruins fan and Canada would then get a million volunteer soldiers.

You're more in love with the habs than your boyfriend/girlfriend.

You have tons of habs memorabilia.

Your ringtone is Feels a little like 93.

Whether the team looks like it's going to be complete crap, deep down you still feel that the impossible can become plausible.

Mario Trembley sucks and has been one of your mortal enemies despite never meeting him.

A girl, or guy who loves the habs as much as you can be the bases of a great relationship.

You're positive Jesus was a habs fan.

You own "The Rocket" and will own the habs movie when it comes out soon

You pay 200 dollars for a bus ticket, travel on a ****** greyhound bus for 4 hours to see your girlfriend just to ignore her to watch hockey. Even when she's visibly mad, you just put an arm around her and still focus on the game.

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