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07-13-2009, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by dubya View Post
No, it might just mean that only one of the equations is right.
It means nothing of the sort.

If there are 4 ways to compute QoC, why not 5? If 5, why not 6?

Why can't all of them be wrong?

More importantly, there can't be two different ways to compute different numbers but called the same thing. You can't say "there are four ways to compute QoC". It's fishing.

It's an exercise to parameterize completely subjective rationale and make it look objective and scientific. In short, a form of ignorance at best, deception at worst.

The key is to determine which, if any, that is. As I said above, the best we can do right now is to compare against what we've seen. By that measure, the TOI/plus-minus QoC measures seem to rank players in the right order. With that validity established (if you believe the observations), you can then make a reasonable assumption that it will rank players on other teams (who you haven't watched) relatively well and it becomes a useful tool.
It's not a useful tool if no one can agree on how to calculate it, and when it's calculated, how to interpret the numbers. Not to mention the whole Texas Sharpshooter fallacy where people do the calculations first, then determine which one was the One True Method after.

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