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Originally Posted by MikeCammalleri View Post
His system is close the the trap. The Detroit Redwings run the same style that JM would like to run.

Defense first, and then its all about the counter attack. That is why the Defense we have now is good at first passes, because the counter attacks have to be quick and skillfull. Lucky for us we have one of the best first passers in the league (markov) and no really retarded offensive players. Even Hal Gill has a good first pass.

Once the defense counters with the puck, JM would use our quick players to make a quick play using their skill and speed and stay in the O zone until we score or turn over the puck. It is all about the trap (the method to steal the puck from the opposing team and quickly counter to throw the other team off guard).

Gainey obviously asked JM about each player he signed this off season because all the players look perfect for this system in Cammy, Gio, Gomez, Spacek, Gill, Moen, and Mara. I can't wait for this season!!

Someone gets it!

Quick recap:

07-08: Habs had a passive 2-1-2 forecheck which means the centerman (the '1') was deeper defensively than the wingers on the forecheck. Basically it was a quick dump and chase toward the sideboards.

08-09: Habs started with a 2-1-2 forecheck but injuries and a general lack of cohesion made Carbo revert to a 3-2 dump and chase which never seemed to work. Our players weren't strong or passionate enough to get the puck and it would squeeze out from behind them.

09-10: Habs will presumably start with a puck-possession team a la Detroit. Keep the puck with the dmen, wait the right opportunity, make a quick pass to a winger, create the 3 on 2/2 on 1 chance and score. When they have the puck they will come and we will have a 1-4 clog in the neutral zone (also known affectionately as the trap because we'll have four players "waiting" for the opposing team to mess up and fall into our trap) in which we'll usually make them cough up the puck and make the quick transition into offense.

edit: Our forecheck will be interesting to watch. I don't know what to expect given the fact that LWL (like the above GIF) requires competent and strong centermen and Plekanec is neither strong nor competent enough without someone by the name Kovalev on his wing.

It will get brutal and boring if we're facing Florida, New Jersey (with Lemaire!) or Toronto (only d-first teams that came to mind).

It will rock and work well against the Islanders, Washington, Tampa Bay, Atlanta and basically any team with a weak d-corps/system.

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