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07-13-2009, 04:46 PM
Anybody get 2 U yet?
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You sound like you have the same shaped foot as I have.

I have a wide foot (especially at the balls of my feet) and a very high arch. My feet have been described as 'brick-like'.

Because of that, there wasn't a Graf that was wide enough. Part of the issue is that it's very narrow near the front of the toe.
And because the Graf is is more tilted, I never got comfy with them.

I had the same pain you're experiencing; pain at the balls of my feet, at the bottom of my feet, having to untie the laces at the arch.

In the end, I had the skates taken back and they fitted me with some Easton wide skates. The toe box is far wider and roomier for my kind of foot. I haven't looked back since. They fit perfectly and feel like pillows when I skate.

Graf's are very popular and 95% of people out there swear by them. But the shape of my feet don't sit well with their style.
You might be in the same boat.
Both Bauer and CCM never fit my wide foot well either. Easton has been a godsend so far.

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