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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
The Devils will be a good regular season team. They will not be a good playoff team. The Wild had very little offense, but what little offense they did have was castrated by Lemaire's obsession for match-ups. Watch some of the games in the Ducks/Wild playoff series in 2007, and then the next year in 2008 against the Avalanche. Pre-lockout the Wild were in over their heads most times, the last 3 years they had much greater expectations for themselves and I actually felt Lemaire was holding them back (although Marian Gaborik not showing up in the playoffs played a slight role in that). I was a big Jacques Lemaire fan for the results he got from the Wild, but when the Wild expected to be contenders, Lemaire was stuck in his old-NHL ways, and frankly I think it cost them against the Avalanche in 2008 more than anything.
I was impressed by the way the Wild played the Avs in the 2008 playoffs. If there had been an MVP awarded after the first round, it would have gone to Theodore; he was the definitive reason the Wild lost that series.

We'll see how Lemaire Part II plays out in New Jersey but I expect that he'll be able to get strong results in the first couple seasons.

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