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Originally Posted by Showerhead View Post
Hello, DSF. Been a while since I've been at HF beyond the daily news threads you, BlueBelle, and HA101 among others have so graciously kept going for everyone.

I've seen the Conroy/Pouliot debate here and at Lowetide's blog (though I can't remember if it is you pushing it over there) and I'm just curious as to the point you're making. As I understand it, you are looking up and down the roster and deciding that Calgary's depth is better than Edmonton's (and honestly, with Iginla et al, the top end talent argument is likely non-existent)... and by seeing an experienced player who has put up solid results slotted in Calgary's 3C slot vs. our current unsettled situation (regardless of your opinion of Pouliot's ceiling, it's clear that Conroy is the superior player today) you are declaring that Edmonton is simply not good enough. Is this fair?

The reason I ask is because using Conroy's point totals from last season while simultaneously using the #3C tag seems a bit off. Jokinen played just 19 games or less than a quarter of the season as a Calgary Flame and as such, Conroy was in Calgary's top 6 for much of the season while he put up those points. A quick look at Calgary's TOI/60 confirms it, but perhaps more importantly Conroy's QOT comes in at 4th highest on the team as well. This doesn't overcome the disparity between the players IMO and if your point is only that Calgary's forwards are in a better position going forward, then it may be as simple as Conroy > Pouliot. If your point, however, is to try to show the exact magnitude of the difference between them, I'd say you're being a bit one sided. What are your thoughts?
Great to see you here again.

My thoughts are that Calgary's forward depth, while hardly the epitome of excellence, is not nearly the liability that some would make it out to be.

Their first line is first rate and their "depth", or lack thereof, is being overstated.

They will live or die by their defense and goaltending but I think the Sutters know that.

I still expect a Phaneuf for forward trade.

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