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07-13-2009, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by IniNew View Post
FYI: The Pro-Wave is the bug eyed one....

Pro-Wave /\

Straight Cut /\

Aviator /\
Yep I saw them on the rack in the store as well as researched them extensively before buying one. I had to wait for stores to get the new bauer ones as you couldn't place an order with Itech for a couple of months. Two guys on our team use the bugeyed prowave, one mirrored and one not. I tried on the mirrored one and did not like it or the nose clearance space.

I mentioned in my post the HS22s and the small s stands for Straightcut in their model numbers.

I have a big schnauz also and my huge honker would not like the aviator one I am sure as i barely get nasal clearance with the straight cut prowave.

I don't think Bauer or Itech had a big proboscis in mind when they invented this crap. bastages!

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