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07-14-2009, 05:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
lou lams is making his moves this year based on the assumption that the cap is going down next year...thats an interesting way to do business....i mean that team is not going to compete for a cup as constructed, and wont for a long long time. their prospect pool is pathetic..HF has them listed at 28th (before this years draft) with the Isles and wild below them...well with Tavares that shoots the isles up into the top 10, and the devils didnt have that great of a draft (though the josefson pick was a good one) still rank them at around 28th or 29th in the NHL...

so you have a GM, who is losing key players, who refuses to go into free agency to get players to replace them, who hasnt made a truly significant trade in about 5-7 years, and who has few prospects with which to bring in to replace these players....

right now the devils are going to live and die by their system. It will make them win more games than they will lose, but once they get into the playoffs and play against clubs with superior firepower and talent, they are going to be overwhelmed...and will be like that for a long time to come.

make no mistake about it, unless the Devils come out of nowhere and trade for Heatley, they are going to be in a helluva predicament for the future.

to contrast, the Rangers go and get free agents, make trades, and have the 12th best prospect pool according to HF, and thats not including the graduates of Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Korpi and Girardi.
i know people love to take a dump on sather, but he isnt afraid to make moves..and honestly, i really admire that about him..he isnt scared to shake things up, to try new things, to get younger, to build with youth, to augment with free agents, to do whatever it takes to win...has he been all that successful as a Rangers GM? no, not at all, but hes trying, and right now, i like the way the rangers are constructed for this year and for the future a HELL of a lot more than the way the devils are constructed.

with that said I think Lemaire is a good choice when you consider the sheer lack of talent that plagues the Devils. He'll get them to the playoffs year after year after year... but, imho, that's as far as it goes.
Our prospect pool isnt really that bad and I'm pretty sure those ratings are produced by fans of their own teams so people can view prospects as better than they actually are

I would say you guys have us beat on the defensive side of the prospect pool but the offensive side is pretty damn close

Tedenby => Grachev
Josefson =< Ansimov
Halischuk is probably gonna be a callahan esque player for us
Cormier = Dubinsky
Bergfors < Ansimov, Grachev but still not shabby

So to say that the Devils prospect pool sucks is pretty absurd and Parise and Zajac are still relatively young players who probably will be better than any prospect or young player you have

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